Allison Jeynes – Keynote Speaker at the Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group Winter Conference

Allison Jeynes presented at this year’s HLG Winter Conference as the keynote speaker on ‘Accelerating Clinical Development Through External Funding’.

Avillion provides an innovative model for sharing drug development risk whereby we provide the finances for the clinical development program of any agreed asset only receiving returns upon regulatory success. It is becoming more commonplace for Avillion to also share the commercial risk especially for deals signed with EU pharma partners.

The team of Senior Clinical Developers assembled to focus on operationalising clinical trials is where Avillion’s real strength lies. This team’s aim is to accelerate clinical trials whilst maintaining quality of data. These deal constructs have the added benefit of providing off balance sheet relief to the pharma partner. During my presentation, I will talk through how Avillion has achieved this using a few examples of deals to date and how we work with pharma clients to maximise the value of any asset we co-develop with them.

Avillion has taken a leadership position in terms of closing IFRS deals across Europe in the last few years based on creative deal structures and these have been signed off as being compliant. I will walk through a few examples around this demonstrating the value these deals can bring if the right asset is chosen and economics agreed on both sides ensuring an earlier return on investment based on success for both parties.