What oversight and decision making opportunity does the partner maintain?

  • The Avillion Governance model here is highly collaborative with Joint Development and Joint Steering Committees which maintain key decision making and oversight responsibilities

What are the financial terms?

  • Each asset has unique characteristics that guide the development of optimal financing and return criteria although these are only relevant should an asset achieve regulatory approval based on Avillion taking the full clinical and regulatory risk

What is the experience level of the staff?

  • The Avillion development team is comprised of physicians and project managers, the majority with more than 15 years’ experience. Each project team is led by an expert in the therapeutic area and includes MDs with extensive experience in the disease under study to ensure we provide added value to the pharma partner
  • All Avillion staff have led and coordinated global development programs within Pharma companies and therefore understand how to implement efficient clinical trials and ensure the highest level of site and CRO commitment and accountability. The Avillion model provides a high level of oversight from a highly focused, dedicated and experienced team
  • See ‘meet the team’ for a summary of our leadership and their experience

Does Avillion have preferred therapeutic areas?

  • We are agnostic to therapeutic area but generally look at assets post proof of concept and are less likely to consider assets that require long term outcome studies for approval eg CV studies

Does Avillion have preferred CROs?

  • Avillion has strong relationships and master service agreements with the main players in this field. We work outside the usual preferred supplier relationships often seen within pharma to ensure the right CRO with the most expertise in a specific area is chosen to conduct the study in question